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multi track drifting

So I just got home, and I’m multi-tasking like a champ. I have all of my music on my old computer (really on the HDD from 2 computers ago) which has become Media Server. I got a couple of new CDs for xmas (Knives Don’t Have Your Back and Neon Bible) and I want to get them into my Google Play so I can listen to them wherever. And of course, being the procrastinator I am, I’ve also got a half a dozen other CDs to rip and upload. Most of this is stuff that I never re-ripped from 3 computers ago. I did mention I can be a bit of a slacker right? However, once I’ve got all of my music in Play I won’t have to worry about where it goes when a computer dies, or gets demoted to “Media Server” due to decrepitude. At least, until Google drops the “Don’t” from it’s motto. That is the third thing I am doing.

The second thing I’m doing is updating the OS for a Wii U… yeah, I’m a sucker for Nintendo, and I picked one up, but of course, it has to update before I can play it. I really kind of hate this… I used to love that when I got a console (This was at least true for the NES, PSone, PS2, Gamecube and N64) you plugged it in, popped in a game, and then you were playing. Boom. No firmware updates. No lengthy setup process. That said, I am kind of glad, because if I could have just plugged it in and started playing I wouldn’t have gotten thing one (writing this post) or three (ripping my new music and uploading it). On the bright side, the WiiU’s cute little video controller shows the progress bar, so I can be putting Exact Audio Copy through it’s pace on my old machine, typing up this post on my current comp, and watching the DL progress ALL at the same time.

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