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xcom3March 6, a small UFO is detected over Germany and an interceptor is scrambled to shoot it down. It does so, suffering only mild damage during the dogfight. With several of our experienced soldiers still Medbay, Will and Joanna will be leading this mission, with Laura H. and Duncan donning the X-Com badge for the first time in a real fire-fight.

The squad touches down near the crash-site, in a lightly forested area. The squad moves forwards, and Joanna quickly spots a pair of Sectoids, but is able to get to cover and avoid their fire, as they spot her too. Laura moves up and fires from extreme range, but misses. Duncan wings the closer alien, Joanna shoots the farther back one and claims a Double Kill! Apparently there was some kind of psychic link between the two aliens, and the feed back of the ones death kills the other!

With the immediate threat dealt with the squad slowly moves forwards, alternating who is on overwatch until the alien wreck is in view. Joanna again spots a pair of Sectoids. Laura moves up and takes the first shot putting one of them down. Joanna also fires, but her shot goes wide. Will is far enough back that he can’t quite take a shot. The alien falls back and moves out of site. Laura follows, and takes a hit getting to cover. Joanna moves up and takes another shot, but misses as well.

Laura stays behind cover and bandages herself up. Duncan’s shot goes wide, but Will is able to put one directly between it’s eyes while it’s distracted. As the squad moves closer to the alien vessel a weird energy being materializes and takes up a defensive position. Duncan manages to put a few bullets in it, and this time Will misses, however Joanna moves up and finishes it off. A few minutes of surveying the wreckage and it’s evident that’s the last of them. Excellent, two promotions and only one injury.

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