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So I think I definitely am going to make the switch to a new platform soon. However I want to have different days of the week have a different focus, maybe even a seperate RSS feed, so people can ignore the stuff they’re not interested in while still tuning into the stuff they are.

Right now here are the ideas I have for foci:

  1. A Choose Your Own Adventure style dealie, where each week I write a bit of an adventure, and let people comment to vote on where the adventure goes next. When an adventures concludes (either in death or happily ever after or whatever) there will be the option to back up and choose a different choice… maybe even backing up super far? I don’t know but I loved CYOA when I was a kid, and I’m super excited about
  2. Let’s Play chronicle of some kind. I do want to try another X-Com w/ friends, but on an easier difficulty setting, so everyone doesn’t just die right off the bat.
  3. Gaming, whether board and card games, or RPGs, I do pick up new games pretty frequently, and would love to discuss them, especially to find out about new and awesome games before they go out of print.
  4. Reviews. I read a lot of books and comics, and watch a lot of movies and tv shows. Some are awesome. Some are terrible. Most are in between.
  5. Whatever. Let’s get meta and have a day where we discuss what to discuss. Or maybe I’ll just be narcissistic and talk about myself. Or whatever thing has pissed me off. Maybe call it Rant Day and just rant about something.
  6. Pictures. I like pictures. I have a terrible addiction to downloading them. My “Random pics” folder is approaching 4gigs. In an ideal world I’d create an app that would let other people look at them, and tag/categorize them for me. Or I could do it…. but I’d have to write this program. In the meantime maybe each friday I’ll just pick a random picture to upload (or a dozen).

So that’s 6 things, really I only need to find one more subject, and I could have a different thing each day of the week… then of course building up enough of a queue so I didn’t miss any days would require a bit of work…

Though really, several of things should probably be done “day of” instead of in advance.

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