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No, this has nothing to do with the Orson Scott Card book Pathfinder, rather my local game store hosts Pathfinder Society on Tuesday nights (Saturday too, but I work and so can’t play) and I’m going to try hard to get into some of them.

I need to actually make a character though, and so rarely do I start out at level 1, I’m not sure what’ll be fun to jump in with. Though it’ll practically be level 2, as I have played in two PFS events so far, and after the third one you can level a character up.

On the one hand, with all of the Apocalypse World I’ve played recently, I’d kind of like to design a character with “character” as a driving force. On the other hand, since D&D in general, but especially module based play like in PFS is less RP driven I feel like such a character could make for a less entertaining experience for the other participants. I suppose I could go with a Charisma based class and try and be a Face character and still be a contributor.

Or I could do ye olde “Thick as a brick” Fighter/Barbarian type. I’d love to hear suggestions… I really don’t have a character in mind that I want to create, and I kind of think it would be more fun to learn about my character as I go.

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