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So I watch a lot of movies, and I’ll be honest if the movie is good, or mediocre, I probably won’t care enough to review it. So I just finished Snow White & the Huntsman … and it was almost good enough to count as mediocre.

So of course the biggest problem with the movie is that Keanu Reeves (who isn’t in the movie) looks like the most emotional dude ever in comparison with Kristin Stewart. I’ll admit I was surprised, as I’ve been the internet a few times so of course had heard it intimated that she only has the one expression.

Next (and this is probably actually a bigger complaint, it’s just less obvious) is that if you’re going to have a movie with a female lead, especially one where she’s going to dress up in armor and run around with a sword and shield, please, for the love of Pete, let her actually kick a little bit of ass! By my count she stabbed a guy who was being held by another guy. Got grabbed and beat ineffectively against the grabber until someone else killed him. Then ran away from the fight to have her epic battle with the queen, which was also pretty lame.

On the bright Ian McShane (aka Al Swearengen) and Toby Jones where both dwarves, which was pretty awesome.

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