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Mission 5 (Operation Fading Giant) is another abduction site. This time Wendy and Dave are both out of med-bay, though Caitlin is still recovering. We’ll at least have two Squaddies who have seen combat this time. The location is Bloemfontein, South Africa. Gary and Laura H., the two Rookies on this mission will surely learn a lot from Wendy and Dave. Everyone has been equipped with medipaks this time.

Dave spots a pair of Sectoids and opens fire but the shot is wide. Wendy moves up to a covering position and flushes a pair of Floaters. Things are heating up fast. Wendy misses, but Laura manages to get her first hit, though sadly it only wings the Sectoid. The Floaters try to flank and lay some heavy suppression fire down on Dave.

Gary takes out the Floater on the flank, but the suppressing one is too far away. Wendy moves up and finishes off the wounded sectoid and Dave goes on Overwatch, hoping for the aliens to make a mistake. And another pair of sectoids shows up. The squad is advancing slowly, but the graveyard is full of cover which cuts both ways, and most of their shots wound aliens at best, or go wide entirely.

Wendy takes a risk drawing fire from a Sectoid but making it to cover and putting down the last Floater. Laura manages to get the first double kill, as apparently when you kill an alien that is using mind control on another, the controlled alien is also killed. Hurrah, this is our second injury free mission!

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