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Operation Severed Jester

Our power generator is online, and some basic research is underway, but funding is short. Fortunately the Council has a mission for us. A high value target is under fire in Melbourne. If we can get the target out safely we will reap both financial rewards and support from the scientific community.

Sq. Joanna is out of the infirmary and eager to get back in the fight. Also on this mission are Sq. Patrick, Cp. Naeem and Rookie Duncan on his first mission. Not but a few minutes in and a new alien appears, flanks the squad and takes Naeem down. He was the most experienced soldier we had so his loss is felt especially hard. Fortunately the squad holds it together and the Royes lay down a hail of fire that puts the Thin Man out of our misery.

Our target is Anna Swift, once her area was secured we began moving her back to the extraction zone, but of course, more aliens started pouring in right about then.

So much for this being a low loss mission. As the squad approached the extraction zone, they holed up behind a fountain. A Thin Man popped up and took cover where Naeem had been crouching when he was killed, and proceeded to exchange fire with Duncan. Sadly the x-ray won the exchange and when Duncan went down, Patrick panicked and began firing wildly, glancing Joanna in our first case of friendly fire. The VIP we’re trying extract also panicked.

Patrick got things back under control and began advancing, but the x-ray took out Joanna, and then Patrick in short order.

This mission was a total bust.


Anjoli KIA 3/5/2015; 2 Missions; 3 Kills

Will KIA 3/12/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill

Naeem KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 7 Kills

Patrick KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 2 Kills

Joanna KIA 3/26/2015; 3 Missions; 5 Kills

Duncan KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Missions; 2 Kills

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