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Operation Rotting Ring

So we’ve done a little research, and and shot down our first UFO. We sent in our two experienced crew members Patrick and Naeem, and Joanna is still injured so next up on the roster were two green Rookies; Will and Wendy.

The squad moved in carefully on the crashed vessel, keeping to cover and covering each other carefully. However tragedy soon struck and a pair of x-rays both managed to score hits on Mirone killing him. Wendy was also hit, but the squad managed to neutralize most of the threat and she was able to get back to the relative safety of some covering wreckage where Patrick was able to fix her up w/ a medkit. The rest of the x-rays were dusted without further mishap. 

Wendy was promoted, and assigned to Assault class from her hospital bed, but the docs say she should be back on her feet in a couple of week.


Anjoli KIA 3/5/2015; 2 Missions; 7 Kills

Will KIA 3/12/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill

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