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Part One

Not exactly a sexy sounding name for a magical artifact is it? Well here’s what it did, it told the bearer where he really was, and it also would let you discover the true location of anyone nearby. Hmm… that doesn’t make it sound any better. Well I certainly didn’t spell it out for my players explicitly. Indeed, it was several minutes of confusion before they realized that what the amulet was telling them was that where they were was somewhere else. 

Now I’ve hinted at this before (and talked about it w/ several people IRL) but at this point my players still didn’t know that D&D was simulation took keep their brains stimulated for the duration of the space voyage while their bodies were in cryostasis. It would have made it a lot easier to explain what the amulet did, which was cross-index in-simulation location with cryostasis chamber locations. More simply, it would allow them to wake up from the simulation to the “real world.”

It also had some basic magic properties, I think maybe an Amulet of Protection, and maybe something else besides. I may have mentioned I like creating custom magic items, and I doubt this was an exception… but I don’t remember super clearly, and my “notes” while never clearly organized, aren’t easily accessible at the moment.

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