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Part One

So obviously the actual encounters the party had in this dungeon weren’t too memorable, because I don’t remember them… overshadowed I guess by the party figuring everything out. I seem to remember it involved a bit of undead/horror type monsters. Again they skipped most of the encounters that were prepped, but there were still puzzles.

And of course they solved the puzzle, acquire the amulet, and that’s when I enacted standard DM Dick move 34a. The secret door they came through closed, and it was a one way door. Now, I wasn’t really being that much of a jerk, I know for a fact one of the characters has some pretty busted stealth, and I was actually kind of hoping to highlight that and have him sneak back around and open the door from the other side or at least fight one last encounter against some undead and then brute force a solution… but no need. One of my players had breaching armor, which allowed him to teleport through the door, and open it from the other side.

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