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So I’ve got Amazon Prime which is nice and all for videos, except SOOOO many of the shows on there the latest season must be purchased to watch. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Netflix, or maybe it’s being used to getting stuff from the library for free, but I just can’t stomach paying twice for something, especially if it’s digital both times. I guess it falls into the same boat for me as Hulu’s “Ad Free” tier having some shows that still have ads. Sure, I get that they have contracts on those shows and the alternative would be to make those shows unavailable which isn’t really a good either.

And of course it’s all the more painful when after spending 10 minutes flipping around trying to figure out what I want to watch it turns out the thing I’ve selected isn’t available (well… it is available for an additional $29.99 or whatever). I’m already paying $8+ a year for your service. I do kind of wish there was an option to only show me what’s available. Maybe I should stick to just buying physical copies (hey, I can still watch ’em when the internet’s out!) and borrowing stuff from the library. It’d certainly be cheaper.

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