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May 9


The scientists are excited to interrogate the live specimen we’ve captured. We should have a few satellites ready soon, as well as improved laboratory facilities for our scientists. Funding continues to be an issue. However the sale of the products of our research is netting us a little side business. Additionally we’ve been tasked with saving an important politician, who has been captured by some aliens. The Skyranger has been upgraded with 6 seats, and so on this mission we’ll be sending: Captain Will (Sniper), Lt. Billy ‘Viking’ (Assault), Sq. Duncan and Rookies Matthew H., Jess G., and Patrick.

William Thorne is pinned down in Mexico. Turns out he’s not actually a hostage, but apparently he’s been in collusion with the aliens. HQ wants him brought in for “questioning”. He’s making protestations of his innocence, if that’s the case, he should be happy to come with us, as there is a definite alien presence. Two Thin Men are spotted almost immediately.

Will M. moves to the roof and tosses out a battle scanner to pin down the location of the two x-rays. With their location on everyone’s HUDs Billy moves up and takes one down from cover, and Jess moves up and unloads on the other, taking it out, and not even bothering to find cover. Billy moves closer and spots another Thin Man, but can’t draw a bead. The rest of the squad moves up, keeping Mr. Thorne under close observation, but guns ready for the remaining x-rays that are surely hidden in ambush ahead.

Two aliens break cover, more Thin Men, and one manages to hit Jess. Duncan tries to get to better cover, but also takes a shot, however his return fire puts the alien out of commission. Will takes the second one out from the roof across the street. Jess moves up and patches herself up. Patrick breaks cover and fixes Duncan’s wounds. Matthew moves up and takes point while the squad regroups and heals.

Another Thin Man drops in literally, landing on top of Will’s sniping position.  It’s a miracle Will was not hit, and who got the kill is kind of up in the air as 3 people were on Overwatch and unloaded on the alien almost before it even realized it’s mistake. Matthew takes out another, giving Mr. Thorne time to get aboard the Skyranger. Will’s last battle scanner detects another pair of Thin Men inside a building near the extraction point, and command suggest we take them down before finishing evac.

The squad quickly moves into position covering all of the exits. Duncan kicks in the door, and as planned the aliens flee out the back of the building where Will caps one with a single shot. Duncan, Jess and Billy all open fire on the remaining one, but only Billy’s bullets connect. With all aliens down, the possible traitor in custody and only two minor injuries this was a definite success!

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