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xcom7May 18, 2015

Our scientists have developed plans for Carapace Armor. All available fund have been diverted towards construction of 5 suits of this armor, in the hopes that it can help prevent anymore deaths of our operatives.

A UFO has landed in the UK, and we’re scrambling to get there before it takes off. This will be the first time testing the new armor, but we are one set short, and Adam draws the short straw. Will will be leading the mission. Joanna is our Heavy and James T. our support. Adam, Matthew H. and Kev will fill the assault roles.

This is a landing site, not a crash, so the squad moves in extra careful, but no threats are immediately apparent, even when Will moves up and throws a battle scanner far forwards. However it’s only a few seconds later before Kev spots a pair of brutes. James moves up and takes a shot at long range and misses, as does Will. Joanna begins some suppression fire on one of them, and Kev manages to wing the same one. Matthew holds his shot in the hopes one will break cover. Sadly they do not, taking wild shots at Kev and Joanna, both of which miss.

Will takes another shot at long range and fails to connect. James moves up to flank the brutes and spots a trio of Sectoids, who scatter into the underbrush. The squad unloads on the Brutes, but the long range and low visibility (it is twilight) both make it difficult and none do any better than Will. The Brutes move around and flank James, one laying down suppressive fire while the other moves behind him. However the second one exposed himself to Will in the process who takes full advantage and puts a bullet through it’s skull. Matthew moves up and puts a couple rounds into the remaining Brute. Kev moves up to try and finish it off, but comes under ambush from one of the Sectoids in the process. He’s hit, but the new armor absorbs the majority of the damage. Adam grabs the bit of cover Kev just vacated and puts down the responsible Sectoid. Joanna takes down a second one and Kev finishes off the last of the Brutes.

Oh no, even more aliens. Six of the Floaters deepstrike onto the remaining Sectoid’s position. Will drops one with his last remaining shot. Joanna earns our first Pentuple kill, with a well place rocket. Of course, the scientists will be furious about all the destroyed equipment, but the odds are heavily swung back into our favor now. James reloads, and the rest of the Assaulters move into closer position.

Will moves forward and reloads. Joanna takes out the remaining Sectoid and the rest of the squad continues to move slowly forward. Kev patches himself up and as the squad comes up on the alien craft, everyone checks that they’ve got full clips.

Kev and Adam move up and flank the “front door” and kev opens it, the rest of the squad moves in through a smaller entrance on the right side while Will covers everything from the hill outside. No activity is spotted so Will moves up close to where Kev and Adam have stationed themselves. The ship is set up in a Y shape from the main entrance. Kev and Adam break left, with Will covering them from behind, the rest of the squad heads down the right side of the ship. Further ahead both corridors curve back into a central room Matthew, Joanna and James get there first but the room appears to be empty, though sounds can be heard from deeper in the ship.

The last room has two entrances and once the squad is positioned around the right one Kev opens the left door. Inside is another of the Energy aliens, and the scientists come on the comm, strongly suggesting we try and capture it alive. James is the only one equipped with an Arc Thrower, “I’m game!” he says and moves up to try and stun it.  He slips around the corner and the alien can’t even bring it’s weapon to bare before James has tazed it.

Mission Success! And the docs say Kev will have a little bruising, but the new  armor has kept him whole and hale. By selling a few of the corpses to other governments we were able to put together enough money to make another set.

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  1. I am grateful for the armor 😛 nice job on this one, it was really cleanly done! I am looking forward to hearing what the scientists can make of the energy being.

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