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So Thursdays happens to be my only completely “off” day. I work at neither of my jobs, so end up spending it hanging out down at FNG when I can playing board and card games. Tonight we warmed up with a little Tsuro of the Seas … which is kind of fun, but decidedly random … way more so than Tsuro. 

Then we cracked out Dominion. Since most of the folks hadn’t played before we started w/ the First Game setup … and I managed to get some fun/annoying Village/Moat combos, going … playing my entire deck at least 3 times during the course of the game but I ended up not being quite fast enough and I was a few points behind at the end of the game.

Next we played an almost entirely random set … I use the app to set a minimum of 3 cards from Dark Ages (because I haven’t played that much)  and no cards costing potions. The next few games we modified the setup slightly by removing several cards and then putting new ones in… so we changed the setup a little but not too much.

For the most part I didn’t fare too well over the course of the night … but I did manage a pretty fantastic victory in the last game. We had Goons and Urchin/Mercs out, so most of the game was played w/ 3 or 4 card hands … frustrating… but I went urchin heavy, pared my deck way down, got some farming villages for actions, some cultists for cards, and then right near the end of the game managed to get a bevy of Cities. On my penultimate turn I picked up 2 Goons and some more cultists. We were 2 piles down, and Cities and Goons both only had 1 card left so anyone could have bought it … except that everyone (except my) deck was filled with ruins from all the Cultists running around. I’d been mercenarying pretty mercilessly and so had a fairly well tuned deck at this point. Final turn was 3 Cities, 2 Goons, 2 Quarry, 1 Silver and a Mercenary for 13 dollars. I bought a Colony, the last City (ending the game) and 4 copper for a total of 22 points. Which coincidentally was my final score. And won me the game. 

Risky, but very satisfying.

As always, random picture is random: