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Smunxaz Ezuspzestto Spongku Spab is DEAD! A new migration wave arrived in the middle of the battle, and our bookkeeper was one of the many killed. The exact death toll may never be known, but at least 20 brave dwarves died on the 4th of Slate, 1053. A quick census suggest 76 survivors and little damage to be repaired.

New administrators have been appointed, the hospital should be complete soon. Plans for a cemetery and memorial garden are in the works, once we can get some coffins made. We may also need to make some memorial slabs, in case all of the corpses of our fallen brethren can not be located. Even with all of the deaths, there we only a couple of injuries, so hopefully we can get things running again soon.

Assuming the dwarves stop throwing tantrums.  3 Dwarves are freaking out all at the same time! Now they’ve  calmed down and another dwarf is throwing a tantrum. Several tantrums later, and Reg Kogannoram our our Wax Worker has gone mad. More tantrums, more insane or berserk dwarves, fighting deep beneath the mountains. I suspect this will not end well.

A farmer has gone beserk, seriously injured another dwarf, and trapped a half a dozen more in a dead end. However he’s too injured to move. I’ve sent what remains of the militia to kill him as there seems to be no alternative. The elves have taken this opportune moment to show up and ask if we want to trade.


If things weren’t crazy enough, Bomrek Muthkatbim, our Siege Engineer has been possessed! Apparently I spoke too soon. The Forgotten Beast Gethust has come! A huge three-eyed hornet. It has two long, straight horns and it squirms and fidgets. Its clear exoskeleton is warty. Beware its poisonous sting! It looks like it is on the upper cavern, which we did successfully wall off, so we may be safe for the moment. We traded for literally everything the elves had, and gave them a bunch of crapft.

So Bomrek doesn’t quite have the materials he needs. If it was just one more thing I’d be a little more circumspect about waiting to wall him off. However I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.  See the little gear in the lower left? That’s our garbage dump. And it’s got hundreds or thousands of stones. So the question is, can our mason move all of the stones off of the dump, to the new one to south before Bomrek goes insane? And the answer is no. So for future reference, make sure not to put your garbage dump within 2 squares of anything. At least Bomrek only went melancholy mad.

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