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Babas has been blessed by Slaanesh twice in his illustrious career, but he’s worried that he is falling out of favor. He received the boon of a coveted Daemonette claw early in his career during a battle on the edge of the Eye of Terror, but it was several campaigns later before he got his second “boon.” Some of the other cultists, in particular Rurlan Khyphus, have been dubious, but Babas claims the extra nose has vastly improved his sense of smell (even if it’s unlikely he can smell in stereo) and the extra tongue has some advantages that are obvious to pretty much everyone. While his depth perception isn’t what it was, a shotgun solves most of that issue, and he thrills in the close in combat, even the number of cultists who survive hand to hand is generally fairly low.

This is another conversion, but it’s only about 30% GW. The ridiculous shoulder pads are a bit of a giveaway; still in a mob of 30 cultists it’s nice to not be limited to the half dozen poses available from GW, especially because with just a few extra bits it fits right in. The base model is a 3rd party Imperial Guard replacement from Target games’ Warzone. If you want some additional variety for your Guard/Cult/Genestealer Cult army, you can pick up the game for about $50 which comes w/ 80 models in about 6 poses from Prince August. Apparently you used to be able to pick up JUST the minis for about half that, but I couldn’t find it on the website… so either that deal is gone, or it is buried deeper than I care to look for five minutes.

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  1. Haha. That tongue though.

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