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April 23

Another rash of abduction sites has been reported. Why do they always come in threes, they must be hoping we don’t have the resources to deal with all three at the same time. Sadly they are right. The situations in Nigeria and India are both relatively calm, so we’ll let the local police enforcement deal with the two easy incursions. We’re going to Leon, Mexico. Our tactical dept. suggest this mission will be very difficult, as such we’re sending in our most experienced soldiers. Will, Laura H., Wendy, and Joanna. Even though James is more experienced, Caitlin is currently our the only soldier we have trained in Assault tactics and command has bumped her onto the mission of James.


The incursion is taking place at a Paper factory in southern Leon. Will has been given some new tech, a scanner that basically gives him (and by relation the rest of the squad) an extra set of eyes. He moves up first and deploys the device in the employee parking lot. And it works, a pair of lifeforms are detected almost immediately, and even better don’t detect us in return!

The rest of the squad moves up carefully so as to avoid detection, but the distant trio of aliens are too far off for will to be confident of a shot and so holds his fire while the squad continues to move into better position.

A trio of the Jetpack equipped aliens is moving in a fenced off area, and Caitlin takes a show, blowing our cover and missing. Her second shot while also a miss flushes a trio of Sectoid that were hiding nearby. Laura and Joanna both fire, and Joanna claims the kill shot.

Wendy moves up and takes out one of the Jetpackers. One of the sectiods fires and misses her but hits Caitlin who panics, breaks cover and returns fire to no avail. Sadly one of the surviving Jetpackers takes the shot, and command reports a loss of vital signs. Laura also panics, but manages to maintain cover enough so that the fire she comes under leaves her unharmed.

Joanna keeps her cool, taking out one of the remaining x-rays from the jet pack squad, and then unleash a burst towards one of the Sectoids. In the face of the determined assault both aliens fall back. Will deploys his remaining Battle Scanner, detecting another pair of Sectoids. Laura regains her composure enough to move forwards and unload on one, but the extreme range is too much for her heavy MG. Joanna is completely empty and takes a moment to reload, while the rest of the squad moves forwards. Wendy kicks in the door and moves into the offices where the last Jetpacker has fled. She spots it and takes a shot but fails to connect, however it stupidly charges forward and she unloads the remainder of her clip into it.

Another pair of Sectoids is picked up on the Battle Scanner. How many aliens are there here? I guess Tactical wasn’t kidding when they said this would be very hard. Will takes his first shot of the mission, killing two aliens with a single head shot! Apparently the psychic link between two aliens can be fatal if disrupted violently. Sadly both Laura and Wendy come under fire, and both are hit. Laura remains undaunted, maybe trying to prover herself after her brief moment of panic, and moves up and returns fire but misses. Wendy falls back to reload.

The Sectoid moves up to try and flank Laura, and Will lines up a shot and puts it out of our misery. Joanna covers the offices while Laura and Wendy patch themselves up.

The squad has  moved in to clear the offices out, and a sneaky Sectoid busts through a side door to try and flank, only to be mowed down by Laura! Wendy runs up and finishes off the last Sectoid.

Our fallen now number two, and Caitlin’s name and record join Dave’s on the Memorial Wall.

Rk. Dave: 0 Kills; 1 Mission; 3/2/15

Sq. Caitlin: 3 Kills; 3 Missions; 4/23/15


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