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april world

March Summery:

Civilian panic is reaching worrying levels in Australia, India, Mexico and Russia. We have had only one casualty so far, Dave F. Base expansion is coming along well. Things could be better, but the outlook is good. Plans are in place for increased satellite coverage. Our scientists are clamoring for capture of a live alien and Engineering claims they’ll have a solution Real Soon™. Officer training has been expanded.

April 6, a UFO landing zone has been spotted. With our expanded Officer training, 5 soldiers have been authorized for this mission. Joanna ‘Prototype’ will be leading the mission. Caitlin is running second in command. Laura H. and Wendy both have some experience, and Laura B. is on her first mission.

As usual, the squad advances with caution. Laura H. is the first to spot enemies, two of whom manage to gain cover before she can bring her weapon to bear. She manages to obliterate the tree trunk it was hiding behind, but there was some rock there as well and it appears to be unscathed. Caitlin moves up and takes a shot with her shotgun, but the range is too far, and her shot does no damage. Two of the three aliens return fire, and she is severely wounded by their fire.

Laura H. unloads the rest of her clip, managing to take out the x-ray by dint of the massive hail of fire she pours in it’s direction. Laura B. moves up and manages to clip one of the two remaining sectoids, but it doesn’t go down. Caitlin falls back and Wendy fixes her up as best she can. Joanna tries to put down the wounded x-ray to no avail, and decides to keep firing, laying down a spray of suppression fire that should at least make the alien think twice about poking it’s head out.

Another 3 sectoids move out of the alien ship to support the first squad. Laura B fires and misses, as does Wendy. Laura H. and Joanna reload. Caitlin moves up to take a shot and slides down an embankment, coming under fire from four aliens, and taking hits from two. Some how she miraculously manages to keep her footing, and, severely wounded, flees back. Laura B. moves closer to the second squad and tosses a grenade which manages to take out all three. This is excellent, as a squad of rocket pack aliens we have not seen before have just shown up.  Wendy drops one of them and Joanna takes down a second. Caitlin after getting patched up a second time, this time b y Laura H. plugs the third and final member of the new squad of unknown aliens.

It looks like there may only be one x-ray left, and the squad moves in to try and take it out. Joanna takes a couple of shots, but it keeps falling back, and she doesn’t want to get too far ahead of the rest of the squad. Wendy moves up and takes it out, but Laura B. who is on the other side of the wreckage alerts the squad that she still hears movement.

Another Energy Alien is spotted inside the landed ship. The squad moves up and tries to cover all of the entrances, but was kind of spread out. As the squad moves in, Wendy spots the alien from the other side of the ship and takes a shot, but misses. However she is able to call out the alien’s location and as it moves from cover a minute later Laura B. is able to connect and put it down.

Another mission with no casualties. Caitlin is hospitalized, but the wounds are surprisingly light consider the number of shots she took. Wendy and Laura B. have both been promoted. Joanna maintains the record for most kills at 8.



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