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So what would make a good Let’s Play? I could do Dwarf Fortress; It’s been a while and I wouldn’t mind some FUN! I’ve got X-com 2, but I’ve barely scratched the surface… That said a clueless ironman run could be entertaining… Though it’d probably end up getting all of my friends killed before I get the chance to included them all. Another possibility is Rimworld, which is kind of like Dwarf Fortress, but in space, and more firmly 2d.

Some outliers:

  • Tropico 4 (I’ve played the first few, but haven’t tried this version yet)
  • Cities: Skylines (this could be interesting if I can find a nice map of bburg, or import one?)
  • Banished (somewhere between Cities and Dwarf Fort)
  • Massive Chalice (the “genetics/bloodline” nature of this game makes me kind of uncomfortable)

Alternatively instead of Let’s Play I could do Choose Your Own Post and either start a new adventure, or revive the stories where they stalled out. I’m also open to other suggestions if you’ve got ’em.


2 Responses to “Let’s play … Something”

  1. MssngrDeath says:

    The only one of these I’ve played is Cities: Skylines, and doing a map based on here would be iffy. The game really wants you to work toward a metropolis, not a small town with a lot of government property. I found that citizens started demanding more and more features and amenities I couldn’t manage without making things bigger and bigger, and their happiness fell as their expectations rose. It’s a fine challenge if you want to take the current town as a base and expand from there, but if this is your end goal I think you’ll be disappointed.

  2. Yanni says:

    Well, I’m not too worried about the “city” outgrowing bburg in size… in fact it might be kind of interesting to see what happens with unmitigated growth.

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