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Just finished watching Brave. It was nice. Not great, but not bad either. This is one of those movies that is basically just mediocre enough. That is to say, it’d have had to have been considerably worse or better to really merit a review under my old system of only occasionally reviewing anything, and then only if it was extremely. Anyways, the movie’s got a few funny bits, some cute little bears,  a fairly simple moral, and an empowered female lead, who to my mind really is pretty empowered (or at least becomes so over the course of the movie). Okay, so in the fights basically no one accomplishes anything ever. It is a kids movie, so death and injury isn’t exactly to be expected though.

If you’ve got a couple of hours, and need something light hearted, check it out. The movie isn’t overly heavy handed with it’s message.

Also, the Witch’s answering machine is possibly the best thing ever. I’m certainly going to have to steal that for one of my D&D games the first chance I get.

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