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Mission DebriefApril 6th

Unrest is high in Mexico, Russia, India and Australia. We have Satellites over Japan and Germany, and should have processing power to put two more up by the 15th.

April 8th

Multiple Abduction sites have been reported. France and Argentina will have to make due w/ their own national defenses, we’re prioritizing Egypt. If we have time we’ll send the sky ranger out again. For now we’ll be sending out 3 Experienced soldiers, Joanna ‘Prototype’, Heavy; Wendy ‘Stacks’, Support; and Will ‘Hex’, Sniper. Two Rookies will also be joining them, James T and Kevin H.

The Alien Incursion zone is a rail station. The squad moves carefully forwards as usual, and after a few minutes of infiltration a pair of Thin Men are spotted by Joanna inside one of the trains.  Joanna and Wendy both takes shots on one of them as it fires on James. Sadly only the x-ray connects, though James is merely wounded. As Joanna moves to a better position, the other member of the pair fires on her but misses.

James moves up behind a Line Map Kiosk and takes a shot, while he misses the distraction allows Wendy to move up to his position and patch him up. Kevin meanwhile has moved up and taken a position in the train from which he and Joanna can concentrate fire on the x-ray that wounded James. They take it down, but Joanna claims she got the killing blow. Will moves up to try and pin down the other, but it fires off some sort of toxic grenade that poisons him. He returns fire, putting a single round into the alien’s head and putting it out of commission.

Meanwhile as Kevin moves down the train to check that it is clear he spots another pair of Thin Men on the tracks. Joanna moves up and takes one of them down, the other has moved to cover though. James and Wendy move to catch up with the rest of the squad. As Wendy moves down the train car the second one springs from ambush, wounding her with plasma fire. Joanna takes a moment to put in a fresh clip. Wendy returns fire, but her wounds are too severe and her shots go wide. Kevin move up behind her and uses his medkit to fix her up as best he can, and a good thing too, as the alien moves closer and hits Wendy again seconds after her first wounds are bandaged. Meanwhile James has run even further down the train and is able to flank the last alien taking it out before anymore damage can be done.

Hopefully the doctors back at base will be able to cure Will’s poisoning. Though three of our soldiers were wounded, none is severe, and the docs assure us Will will be back on his feet shortly. Joanna still leads the kill count, with 10 x-rays to her name.



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  1. Don’t listen to Joanna!! She’s an ungrateful kill-stealer >:[ I saved her life and this is how she repays me?


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