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Duncan's Face

Things are going pretty well. Russian and Chinese are both moderately panicked. Though the government in China is still refuting the existence of aliens social media leaks continue to spread. Our engineers have built a pair of Satellites for us, but we only have the control capacity to launch one of them. We definitely need to get it in orbit in the next week or so. The question is where.

The council has gotten wind of an alien bomb in China. If we can defuse the bomb that may reduce the panic there, and then Russia would be the clear choice for where to deploy the Satellite.

I’m going to step OOC for a second here to mention that I just ran into my first bug w/ this game. It appears something has gone terribly wrong with Duncan’s face, and it’s been turned inside out and twisted around. It’s kind of hilarious, but hopefully it’ll be fixed next time I save the game.

Duncan's FaceMarch 23, 2015, The aliens have deployed some sort of nefarious device on the Liu To bridge in Hong Kong. There are several plasma Chargers we can easily spot. Joanna and Will moved up to the closest one and were able to disable it. It appears to be feeding some sort of runaway reaction, but shutting them off is pretty easy, and will likely buy us some time.

Laura H. moves over to disable a second device and spots a new alien. This one looks remarkably human-like, and might even pass as human in bad light. Unfortunately no one can quite draw a bead on it. Will and Duncan both take shots at it as it advances on Joanna’s position but it as very fast and takes cover on the other side of the taxi Joanna is hiding behind, and manages to wing her before ducking back into cover.

Will takes a second shot, and this time his aim is true and the x-ray explodes. No literally, it explodes into a miasmic cloud when it expires, fortunately Joanna is outside it’s poisonous influence and is able to tend to her wounds. Bandaged up she spots a Sectoid as she moves to disable the third device. Going above and beyond she not only disables the nefarious machine, but also puts down the newly spotted alien.

Time is a terrible factor, and control shows a growing energy source in the squads area.  Disabling these power nodes is slowing things down, but it’s not buying enough time, and it’s forcing us to move forward faster than might be safe. Duncan disables a 4th device, and Laura smashes the 5th. Joanna spots another Sectoid but chooses to take cover rather than fire from the open as she has already been wounded. Will can’t even see the beast and so moves closer. Duncan moves up to try and take a shot, but spots a third Sectoid. He trades fire with it, but loses the exchange and panics. Will waits till he’s in cover and then puts a bullet between the offending Xeno’s eyes. Joanna moves forwards and spots a different device, which can only be the alien power source.  Undistracted she trades fire with the alien she’d spotted earlier, and manages to put it down without taking any further wounds.

Objective in sight, the squad moves forward. Duncan grabs some cover and uses his medkit. Will reloads and Laura and Joanna both take point. Several cars have caught fire, and a couple even explode, but these soldiers are undeterred. Laura makes a mad dash to the alien device and disables it but control reports another wave of  x-ray is incoming.

Two more of the humanish looking aliens show up, as control predicted. Duncan manages to take one out, and Will snipes the other! The mission is a success. Duncan and Joanna are both mildly wounded, but the docs say they should both be ready for duty again in a week or two at most. Laura is a little bummed to be the only member of the squad to not receive a promotion, but things could have gone much worse.

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