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A big problem I had with all of the Harry Potter books, was the first third of every one of them (besides the first) was this tedious chore to get through, where Harry is stuck with the ridiculous muggle foster parents. First off they weren’t believable. I feel like they were in fact less believable than all the wizards and spells and pseudo latin strewn throughout the books. At least with the magic I was able to maintain suspension of disbelief. The normals? Nope.

Maybe, The Casual Vacancy has the same issue, where the first third is crap, but then the rest of the book is awesome enough to make up for it. I don’t know, because I got my hands on the newest Terry Pratchett Book (Dodger), and TCV is going back to the Library tomorrow. There’s sadly a huge list for this, but not one for Dodger, and I’m not sure where the justice is in that, because Dodger is far more entertaining, engaging and real seeming then this thing.

Review in summery: Too Boring, Didn’t Read!

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  1. Lol. I picked this up and read the first paragraph. The narrator in my mind was instantly an overly stuffy Englishman, and I couldn’t stop giggling. There was just no way to take this writing seriously. The first page alone was so incredibly cliche and overwrought I couldn’t continue. I’m glad I’m not alone in this (I wondering if I was being shallow and snobbish). Dodger sounds AWESOME, btw.

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