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May 15, 2015


The US, Argentina and Brazil are still experiencing high levels of panic. We need more satellites uplinks, but don’t have the funds to build the facilities. We may have to sell of some of the alien junk to get them before things fall apart in North America.

An incursion has been reported in Ottawa, and the Canadian Government is offering top dollar for us to deal with it. Will lead this mission and has selected Adam, Matthew H., Billy, Patrick and Kevin to accompany him. Only Kevin has not been promoted to Squaddie. Command has dubbed this mission Operation Brutal Mother, hopefully they don’t know something they’re not telling us.

Someone suggests hacking the sign to read Dead Aliens Ahead, but no one will fess up as to who actually said it. I suspect Matthew. Adam is the first to spot enemies, a pair of Floaters. Patrick and Kevin unload on it, and both hit, but Kevin claims the killshot. Billy moves up to take down the remaining Floater, and flushes a trio of the heavily armored brutes that we capture a live specimen of. Will takes one out with a headshot from the ramp of the SkyRanger. Matthew and Adam both fire at a second one, but only Adam connects, and most of the bullets are deflected by the heavy armor these beasts wear. Billy switches targets, and tries to finish it off, but the brute manages to dodge behind a car, then charges forward wounding Billy badly before ducking behind another car.

Will, still not having taken a single step, fires and the brute drops. Matthew moves up and fires at the remaining brute but misses. Kevin has better luck, though it doesn’t go down. Patrick leaves cover to finish it off, and succeeds, but the second Floater (who had fled earlier) is still out there somewhere. Adam moves up and fixes up Billy’s wounds as best he can, but he’s still a few breathes shy of fit.

Billy moves up and reacquires sight on the Floater, his shot goes wide, but Will, still unmoving, fires and finishes the floater off. The squad repositions slightly and reloads. Will finally moves a little closer and reloads as well. The moment of respite lasts as the squad continues down the street, until another pair of Floaters burst from cover at long range. Adam and Billy both take shots, but miss due to the long range. The entire squad is ready and unloads on the aliens, Adam wings one, Billy the other, and then Will killsteals the one Billy hit.

The wounded one jumps right in front of Matthew, and manages to miss him from 10 feet away. Matthew takes it down with ease. As the squad moves up again, Adam spots 3 more Floaters. Will snipes one, Patrick drops some smoke for cover and Adam takes out the second. The third one misses Matthew, but does set the car he’s hiding behind on fire. Billy moves up and finishes off the last Floater, and we have another successful mission, this time with only one injury!


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  1. Yay, nice one! And I got a kill 😀

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