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April 23


We’ve been able to pull in a bit of extra funding by selling some weapon fragments to Brazil at an exorbitant price. Autopsies on the alien corpses we’ve recovered continue to yield useful information. We’ve started construction on an

Alien Containment facility, though of course once that is complete we’ll have to try and capture a live alien for the scientists to study.

With the end of the month fast approaching, we’ve promised the UK, France and Russia additional protection, and launched satellites to aide in that. Japan is near the tipping point, but we’re already offering them as much protection as we can.

The monthly report is in, and the Council has only given us a B this month, but we’ve got $550 in funding, and hopefully can expand the base and build some better armor for our troops.

The largest UFO we’ve detected yet has been pinpointed crossing into the northern Russian border. Everything in range has been scrambled to intercept. The first Raven to arrive barely scratched the beast and was nearly destroyed. A second did little better. While we’ve ordered 4 more Ravens, they won’t be operational  for hours yet. This bogey is going to get away.

May 9

Expansion of the facility continues apace, the aliens have been quiet for almost a week since the last big ship got away. It couldn’t last though, and three more abduction sites have been detected in Baltimore, Kolkata and Brasilia. Civilian panic is highest in India so we are going to go there first even though it looks to be the most difficult to contain.

James has volunteered to try and capture a live one and is taking one of our Arc Throwers for it’s first field test. Joanna will be leading the mission and  has selected Laura H., Wendy and Will for their Heavy, Support and Sniping skills.

The incursion area is a fairly thin corridor around a butcher’s shop, so the squad splits i

n two in the hopes of flanking the aliens. Near the end of the block Will moves to the roof to get a better vantage point and accidentally flushes two pairs of Aliens, 2 Thin Men and 2 Sectoids. Joanna moves up and takes one of the Thin Men down promptly.  Wendy and James both fire on the second, and James wings it, but it flees farther away before they can finish it off.

Two Sectoids scuttle right between James and Wendy apparently oblivious. Wendy unloads on one, and James falls back to flank and finish off the second. Will tosses a Battle Scanner out, and a pair of Floaters mistaking it for a grenade fly right into Joanna and Laura’s position. Laura takes one down, and Wendy flanks and dispatches the other. The remaining Thin Man shows itself, Will misses, but distracts it long enou
gh for Laura to unload on it.

A pair of new aliens, bulky and wearing heavy armor show up. Well, the scientists will be pleased at least, especially if we can bring one in alive. Wendy moves up to the roof to engage the new aliens, and hits one dead on, it makes an intimidating roar and she panics, grabbing the closest cover she can find, sadly it is not enough; both aliens unload a fusillade of plasma shots killing her. Then one of them jumps through the skylight and manages to tag Joanna from behind as she was making her way to the stairs up. Laura starts unloading with suppression fire on it, but even that is not enough distraction for Joanna to return fire successfully, but she does clip the alien a few times before she runs out of ammo. James throws caution to the wind and runs up to try and stun the alien. Thankfully, the alien goes down.

The other alien manages to hit Joanna through the skylight. She goes down, but if we can get medical attention to her, it might be possible to stabilize her condition. Laura does so and then moves to the stairwell. James trades fire with the alien, and both get injured, then it jumps down and charges after Laura, shooting her until she is also unconscious. James unloads on the alien, but it just won’t go down. Will runs up, and puts 2 shots into it with his pistol, finally taking it out.

Our fallen now number three, and Wendy’s name and record join Caitlin and Dave’s on the Memorial Wall.

Rk. Dave: 0 Kills; 1 Mission; 3/2/15

Sq. Caitlin: 3 Kills; 3 Missions; 4/23/15

Lt. Wendy ‘Stacks’: 12 Kills; 8 Missions; 6/9/15

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