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Well… today WOULD have been the second day in two weeks where I could sleep in. Like, turn off my alarm clock entirely (I actually set it for noon), and just as sleep as long as my body would let me.

Nope. Of course not. One of my new roommate’s friends is over here banging around, shouting and making noise at 9:30am. So drunk my roommate fled into the house and locked the door, and then called the police when this guy drove off.

On the bright side I got some painting done while watching Killing them Softly and Hitchcock. Nice. I forgot how much I like Hitchcock’s work, so a biography was pretty excellent. Then we played some Dungeon World at the game store.

I leave for gencon in 2.5 days! Can’t wait!

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  1. Gosh, that sucks. Reminds me of a roommate I had in college who had an on-and-off girlfriend, and the two of them had a horribly toxic relationship and were often in the middle of violent arguments.

    Glad your day got better. Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock though I haven’t seen too much. I’m excited about GenCon for your sake!

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