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A little over two years ago 4th Edition D&D was still pretty fresh, and the Dark Sun campaign setting was coming out, something I had dabbled in far less than I’d have liked back in High School. I grabbed a couple of friends, and my roommate at the time was also running a game, so we could both take turns running and playing, and do a nice arc here or there and then have plenty of time to prep. This was great.

When the campaign started it was going to be a mix of Sigil and Dark Sun, and maybe other settings. Sigil the Hub, and the party could go to various settings and have adventures, returning to Sigil eventually to start new arcs. The players basically knew at this point that they were going to end up getting stranded on Athas, they just didn’t know the full extent of the stranding. See, portals throughout the multiverse had been weakening, or failing outright. And of course the chosen first destination, Athas isn’t exactly known for being well connected.

The initial party was contracted to retrieve a coin which happened to be a port-key. The key had been stolen by some Skulks. Skulks are a race that that have an ancient enmity with Tieflings, and had bamboozled the Tiefling that had hired the party in particular by having one masquerade as the merchant’s estranged brother. The party eventually tracked the Skulks down, forced their way into the Skulk hideout and went through the portal to Athas, where the Skulks had been planning on perpetrating nefarious deeds.

On the other side they found themselves at the base of a dungeon, with the portkey, one last Skulk and no way home.

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