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Finally got my first full game of Mercs in, thanks to the fact that less than half of my ostensible D&D players showed up. Actually, no, exactly half of my players showed up. You might think that’s hard since I now number them at seven, but one of them showed up 3 hours late. Now, he did warn me he would be a few minutes late, and I quote: 

I may be a few minutes late…

That too me does not suggest 3 hours late. No, in my mind that means maybe 20 minutes, maybe even half an hour. Ahh well.

So back to Mercs, I think the game does have potential. I really do like the quick nature of the game, and the lack of having to spend half an hour building an army list. I’ve still got some reservations about the rules, however most of that is I think that the design is too obvious. For example there are several units that have -1 speed from what they should and the Speedy Ability (which gives them +1 speed). The reason for this apparently is so that when the one faction that can take units from other factions (the mercenary faction if you will) takes these guys their movement is reduced. Of course this means that if you take the Goliath the only way he can move at all is by bounding.

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