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So the new computer is finally up and running. I even got to play a little X-Com. The old computer is installed by the credenza and is now set up as a fancy shmancy media server, but I’ve also shared the majority of the drives over the LAN so I can still get to all my old stuff. Surely there are problems with this setup, but I haven’t encountered them yet … I am feeding my desktop images off of the old machine, and that’ll surely choke as soon as the old machine goes to sleep. We’ll jump that hurdle shortly. I’m sure this still a ton to do, but it’ll have to wait.

I’m not far into the new X-Com, but aside from tutorial annoyances, it seems to be pretty damn fine as far as updates to cherished franchises go. Can’t wait to finish my first game, and start one w/out the tutorial. Of course that’ll likely resolve in failure… but I do like hard games.

Anyways, here’s a pic of my setup:

And here’s the old computer hooked up as a media server:

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