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So will be starting to assemble my new ‘puter in a couple of hours, and I expect I will be distracted enough that I won’t think to post here, so I’m going to go ahead and write today’s post early. One of the joys of working for the government is we have non-closed holiday’s where we get time off, so I’ve got today off for Columbus day.

And yeah, I happen to think Columbus day is about the stupidest holiday in existence.  Or at least, the stupidest officially recognized one. Regardless, that does mean I have almost two whole days off in a row (a rarity), with just a one hour fill in shift at FNG for one of the few times we need two people on duty at the store.

For today’s picture you get all the parts for my new computer laid out ready to be put together. Soon, my precious, soon!

New Computer bits

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