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Let’s Play Tropic 4: XIII

Monday, October 9th, 2017

September ’58

Things have been very busy, and yet, kind of boring at the same time. Construction is finished on a hotel so that tourists will have a place to stay. Downtown keeps growing, with plans far outstripping the capabilities of the construction crews. The police station is finished, if unstaffed, one and a half of the 3 new apartment buildings have gone up, and foundation for a shopping mall has been laid. Meanwhile in the harbor district basically no progress has been made on the Cigar Factory, Furniture Factory or Rum Distillery. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds left over after planning all of this to bribe the works to rush build anything.

January ’59

The lack of natural resources on this island has obviously affected my constituent’s pride. The current prediction for the upcoming election breaks down the votes at about 84 for me and 61 for my rival Ciriaco Vega. Surely a rousing speech and some stirring campaign promises will bring the populace around. Plus that shopping mall should be done any day now, which should greatly distract them from whatever woes they may have.

February ’59

A tsunami hit, damaging a few buildings, and stranding an oil tanker deep in uninhibited territory, fortunately no one of consequence was injured or killed and rebuilding only cost a couple of grand. Already scaffolding has gone up to dismantle this huge ship.

MtC 14: Talon Ogar

Friday, October 6th, 2017

If there is anyone in Khaslillie and Rheatrivix’s Awesome Fucking Band who shouldn’t be allowed to carry  a gun most members would probably suggest Talon Ogar should be so restricted. While his boon has left him without eyes, his entire skin has become so sensitive to vibration that he uses his bell for what basically amounts to echo location. Amidst the din of battle only those with the keenest hearing, possibly enhanced by exotic narcotics, and those standing directly beside Talon can even hear it’s ringing, but it doesn’t seem to prevent him from firing on targets. Unfortunately his accuracy was never the best, even when he had eyes, but all told he’s still good enough at distinguishing targets that he’s barely killed anyone worth mentioning via friendly fire.

Talon was tasked (along with a couple of dozen other cultists) to do a space walk during one raid when one of Khaslillie’s Battlecruisers found a derelict hulk and there wasn’t a Kharybdis available for the boarding action. The silence of the vacuum of space apparently didn’t sit well, and almost everyone else was forced to mute comms to silence his inhuman screams. There were of course exceptions, being a Slaaneshii cult, several members turned their volume up all of the way, and Tudax managed to snag a recording of it which he has since resampled into several hilarious and catchy songs such as “I can hear the stars, make them shut up”, “Please Don’t Stop Talking” and “I don’t want no part of this, send me back”.

Talon’s sense of smell and taste has also been magnified, and during downtime he uses this newfound talent to do a bit of chemical experimentation. Some of his more successful batches have even been passed up the chain to the Noise Marines. Talon hopes someday to make an impressive enough batch that they’ll allow him to participate in one of their gigs, though of course he’ll probably have to come up with a much more impressive instrument than a bell to have a chance.

This model wouldn’t hold up to the “50% GW” rule. The head, bell and backpack are all GW but that’s only about a third of the mini, the rest being Target. That said, I love the idea of Slaanesh (and the other Ruinous Powers for that matter) granting boons that don’t really aide in battle, and possibly are a hindrance, but help them in some way during “every day life” … It’s not really focused on by GW, but realistically (hah) not every moment is spent in war.

Maybe the zombie works here? Oh, you already killed it.

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Dael’s Adventure Part 5

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With the location of our new headquarters picked out, Cilla began setting it up while Team Intern went to investigate the Temple  of Pharasma. I really should have paid more attention during religious studies, though to be fair the Order never really put too much effort into explaining the gods, but Master Thevarada always said worship was a personal affair, that it was tangential to the pursuit of appreciation. Regardless, if I had spent a bit more time I might have realized that since Pharasma is the goddess of death, it would be the obvious place to look for information about a corpse! Plus apparently the Necromancer Sammael was friends with the Medical Examiner who worked there. Boy, a city sure is complicated. Though I have read several logs of initiates who went to Hornshroud, it all seemed to make much more sense; I wonder how much of this weirdness is due to the whole waking dream situation? I kind of feel like not so much since none of the others seem particularly bothered by any of this.

The Temple, once we arrived and went inside seems awfully decrepit but we perservered, splitting into two groups this time, with Solei, Hubert and I heading to the administrative rooms to look for records, whilst the others headed down to the morgue in case the Medical Examiner was there. Spoilers, she totally was, and I heard later from Honch that she had a weird zone of music that was so loud it was physically painful, but was limited in area. I really wish I’d gone with that group as that sounds amazingly unusual, and much more interesting than looking through records, a thing I was basically no help with. My boredom did end up working out for us as I spotted the first zombie well before it got to us. I closed the door whilst we discussed what to do, then I opened the door and again and Solei made short work of the foul creature slicing off it’s arm and head almost before Hubert could even ask what was going on.

Shortly after the rest of the group returned with the Medical examiner, I think her name was Abbae; She looked weird: pale and washed out as if seen at dusk, yet that may have just been an illusion caused by the fact that everything else around her was not just thrown in stark relief, but appeared more real, and also more clean and upkept, almost as if she was providing window into the waking world. She seemed to have a better grasp of the filing system and agreed to help us look, which is when I again noticed more zombies. It was a good thing we’d regrouped, as there were a lot more of them, and I’ll admit this was one of my least favorite brawls I’ve ever been in. Half the time when I punched or kicked one of them, rather than sending them sprawling my fist or foot would end up going into them and come out covered in rotting bits.

We had almost finished off the putrescent corpses when there was a great crash and a huge skeleton, that looked like it was an agglomeration of man and bison smashed through the wall into the main admin chamber. It was then that I had what might have been a tremendously foolhardy idea, but I went over to try and get a closer look, as I’d never seen anything like it before. It was far too big to fit through the door so I might have taunted it a bit, as at that time I hadn’t realized it had already smashed through one wall. When it rushed forwards to try and gore me I dodged to the side, thinking it would smack the wall and  the rest of the interns would come to my aide, but things didn’t play out that way at all… for starters several of the zombies had some sort of paralytic effect, stunning both Honch and Vyrez making it so they could barely walk meanwhile the Skeletal Minotaur’s charge missed me but destroyed the wall. Vyrez called out some sort of challenge to the beast, which it seemed inclined to accept, except that it couldn’t figure out how to get around me. At this point it occurred to me to try the Fist of Cracking Boulders technique which is well known to break ribs in normal people so I rarely have used it outside of practice, but this thing was basically all ribs! And low it was effective, every punch I threw cracked and shattered ribs, and emboldened by efforts Vyrez and Honch joined battle drawing it’s attention off of me. There was also some mystical light of some kind which I assumed was manifested at the behest of Mortia, as I’d seen her create a similar attack against the Ebonbiter thugs.

Anyways, we were able to defeat the undead hordes, and it wasn’t too long afterwards that Abbae found the information we needed. Or rather, that what we sought was basically unattainable as Sammael had pretty much split the corpse up into pieces and sold them to a variety of customers across the land. After a bit of discussion, and some more investigation by the more bureaucratically inclined a new plan was hatched, go to the tenements district (where there might be a living night hag) and (this is the part I’m not super clear on, I was kind of busy cleaning the gore off of myself) either killing it and presenting it to the diviners, or convincing it to help us break the spell on the city and have us all wake up.

Let’s Play Tropic 4: XII

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

March ’56

We’ve got our first Rebel, Aloise Rios! I guess we didn’t get the church built fast enough for her.

June ’56

Keith Preston, the American Investor who helped set me up here, has sprung his trap, and I need to export at least a hundred grand in the next 8 years or he’ll be able to take over operations on the island. I guess it’s time to fire my lawyer and ramp up the export business.

October ’56

This island doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, but there are some trees. So let’s cut them down, and make furniture. Genuine bespoke hand crafted by natives, artisanal  antique furniture. I’m sure the americans will eat it up. The last shipment brought in $60k, however I’ve already spent forty of that, and it’ll be many months before the next cargo ships come, I’m going to try and keep the treasury over 10k so we can get a faster turnaround on the ships when they do arrive.

Feb ’57

In addition to the new logging camp, we’ve spent a bit extra to refurbish an old colonial fort as a tourist trap. Tourism is definitely a secondary concern, but hopefully it can get us a little be more cashflow. It would be nice to only be losing a little money every money while we wait for the next cargo freighter to arrive.

June ’57

Rumours of a Pirate convention on a nearby island have been surfacing. The next time we get an export payout we’ll have to build a rum distillery and start making rum to sell them.